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Enter your total portfolio value. It’s important that this be your total, because your risk decision is based on your overall investments vs. just this trade.
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Choose your percentage. Note that the industry’s rule-of-thumb is no more than 2% of your portfolio to be invested in any one position. You can risk more depending upon your risk tolerance, portfolio size and portfolio constructs. Talk to an advisor before putting to large a % into any one position.
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How Much to Buy Calculator

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with SmartStops
If you use SmartStops as a proactive stop for when you purchase, or use our Risk Alerts to take action upon being triggered, you can invest more than you may have been originally planning to because you will be deploying active risk management.
No Risk Management
No Risk management means you don’t have any analytical-based signal from which to take action. Worst case, you could lose all plan to risk. Remember, watching a symbol drop hoping for a recovery is not properly managing risk.
Adjust Risk Trigger
SmartStops Risk value defaults to using our aggressive risk management approach. This provides a narrower band of risk. Our conservative approach is more for longer-term investors. You can see the effects of either on our Analyze Equity Risk page.
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SmartStops trigger data is calculated at the close of each market day for the next day's market.
Elevated Risk Trigger:
Normal Risk Trigger:
Risk does not remain constant.
Use our 40+ years of market experience to help you monitor it properly.