For Release on August 12, 2008


Josh Inglis
Strategics, Inc.

SmartStops BrokerLink Offers Online Investors Automated Stock and ETF Protection

Newport Beach, Calif., August 12, 2008 –, a new online service that helps investors decide when to sell stocks and ETFs, today introduced BrokerLink. This next-generation portfolio protection service gives online investors the ability to have trades automatically executed when at-risk stock and ETF prices fall enough to trigger their daily SmartStop. has teamed up with the top online broker, offering free subscriptions to that firm’s 6.8 million customer accounts. Follow this link for more information on whether your broker has a SmartStops BrokerLink agreement.

“With BrokerLink, online investors have a powerful but easy-to-use resource that helps protect their portfolios when market factors indicate an increased risk of further price decline,” said Brent Collins, CEO of “SmartStops are not market predictors; instead, they are like a seatbelt that tightens up or loosens based on driving conditions, giving investors the confidence and safety they need to navigate through even the most volatile markets.”

Calculated daily on most US-listed stocks and ETFs, SmartStops are based on an innovative approach that considers current technical indicators, historical trends and a combination of exit methodologies optimized for the prevailing market direction.

SmartStops BrokerLink gives online investors the ability to:

  • Automatically trigger full or partial sell orders in their online brokerage accounts.

  • Receive Risk Alerts when SmartStops are hit.

  • Receive daily emails of SmartStops for use on the next market day.

  • Gain on-demand access to current and historical SmartStops for potential investments.

    While much has been written about the extreme nature of the market’s recent fall, significant corrections are a fact of life for investors. conducted an analysis of the S&P 500 over a 10-year period ending May 2008 and found that major corrections are remarkably common:

  • 486 stocks (97%) experienced at least one price decline of 25 percent or more.

  • 347 stocks (69%) experienced at least one price decline of 50 percent or more.

  • 175 stocks (35%) experienced at least one price decline of 70 percent or more.

  • 51 stocks (10%) experienced at least one price decline of 90 percent or more.

  • The average of the largest price decline experienced in each stock was 62 percent.

    Follow this link for access to several risk related studies and insight into how SmartStops can enhance a buy and hold strategy.

    “These market movements can be particularly harmful for buy and hold investors as they near important milestones, from paying for college to funding retirement,” said Chuck LeBeau, director of quantitative analysis for “Ultimately, even buy and hold investors need to sell.”

    About makes it easy for stock investors to maintain advanced, automated sell-protection that helps lock in gains and defend against losses when stocks are at risk. Through its BrokerLink service, users can automate trades based on SmartStops triggers. TD Ameritrade is the first online broker to make this available to its customers. For more information contact

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