Portfolio Protection Services

Don’t have time to watch the market every day?

Don’t worry! SmartStops is here to help.

The SmartStops Portfolio Protection Service enables investors to easily create a portfolio of stocks and ETFs and have those positions analyzed and monitored through out the market day for signs of elevated risk.

The three primary components to the service are portfolio monitoring, risk alerting and decision tools.

Portfolio Monitoring

Risk does not remain constant through time. Be more aware of the state of your risk exposure.

The SmartStops Portfolio Monitoring service analyzes each of your positions daily to determine its current risk state and optimized Elevated and Normal risk price triggers. Throughout the market day, your positions are monitored and alerts are sent if the price falls and triggers an Elevated Risk Alert or rises and triggers a Normal Risk Alert.

Updated risk states and price triggers are published at the end of each market day and emailed to you in your end of day portfolio report.

Stay on top of your risk exposure and make timely decisions to better manage risk with SmartStops.

What risk state is your equity in?

Normal Risk State

Normal Risk State

Elevated Risk State

Elevated Risk State

Fun Stocks Portfolio

SmartStops publishes two risk signal families, Aggressive and Conservative, and publishes optimized reentry triggers for equities currently in an elevated risk state.

SmartStops covers stocks and ETFs trading over $1.00 and having average daily volume greater than 40,000 shares.

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Risk Alerts

Throughout each market day, SmartStops monitors the positions in your SmartStops portfolio. If the price of any one of your positions fall and hits its Elevated Risk trigger, or rises and hits its Normal Risk Trigger, an email alert is sent notifying you of the event.

Risk alerts enable timely action. Most days you may not have to be watching your portfolio, but if you receive a risk alert on one of your equities, today is the day to look at that one.

  • Read the news
  • Review the technicals and fundamentals
  • Talk to friends, colleagues, or your financial advisor
  • Take action!
View Smaple Risk Alert
View Sample Risk Alert

Selling, Hedging, Buying on a pull back or standing pat are all legitimate outcomes of your review. The key is to make a timely and informed decision when the risk state of one of your investments changes.

Want an easy way to set and maintain protective orders? Try SmartStops BrokerLink available with participating brokers.

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Decision Tools

The key to successful investing is the ability to make timely and informed decisions.

With a focus on risk management, SmartStops is always working to provide tools and resources that help investors make timely and informed risk based decisions. Current tools include:

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“SmartStops is the missing link in a successful investment program. Most investors have no problem choosing great stocks in great sectors, but then they give back all their profits when the trend turns downward and they refuse to get out just as I did. Yours is a great program, and I will be a long-time subscriber.”

- John C.