How To Use SmartStops

Let SmartStops help keep an eye on your equities and alert you when risk is on the rise!

How to use SmartStops

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Create and save a portfolio of stocks and ETFs that you would like SmartStops to monitor for you.

Receive a SmartAlert email when any of your equities fall and trigger their SmartStop, and indication of elevated risk.

Take timely action to protect your profits, limit your losses and improve your returns.

It's that easy!

The SmartStops service publishes updated risk trigger prices at the end of each market day.

Be Proactive: Use the SmartStop prices in the end of day report to set and maintained optimized stop loss orders.


Be Reactive: Use the SmartStops alerts as a catalyst to review the position and take action!

We don’t always have time to be watching our investments. But when a risk alert is received on one of your equities, today is the day to look at that one.

  • Read the news
  • Review the technicals & fundamentals
  • Talk to friends, colleagues or your financial advisor

Take action.

Selling, Hedging, Buying on a pull back or standing pat are all legitimate outcomes of your review. The key is to make a timely and informed decision when the risk state changes. And never make an investment decision in a vacuum.

“Rule #1: Never lose money

 Rule #2: Never forget rule #1”

- Warren Buffett

SmartStops publishes two sets of risk signals, aggressive and conservative. The aggressive signal family runs tighter providing faster protection resulting in more frequent trades. The conservative signals allow for a bit more downside price movement result in fewer trades and are less prone to whipsaw. Both signal families intelligently tighten as an equity decays to get you out early in a prolonged down trend.

The current risk state, latest SmartStop trigger prices and recent trigger alerts are clearly called out in your SmartStops portfolio table.

SmartStops Portfolio


Want an easy way to set and maintain protective orders? Try SmartStops BrokerLink available with participating brokers.

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