Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Monitoring

Even in the best economic environments, the prospects for individual equities can change, sectors or markets can become overbought, and political or global events may occur that roil the market. Risk does not remain constant through time. As a result, it is increasingly important for self-directed investors and investment advisors to watch for changes in their risk exposure and be prepared to take timely protective action when circumstances warrant it.

It is for this reason that we created SmartStops.net, an easy-to-use risk management solution that investors can rely on to alert them when any of their positions are experiencing periods of elevated risk. The algorithms behind the SmartStops Risk Management engine are based on more than 40 years of exit strategy research and leverage methodologies that have been used by the world's largest wealth funds for decades.

Our Portfolio Monitoring service offers a number of versatile tools to help investors make timely risk-based decisions including risk alert and reentry emails, daily portfolio risk reports with optimized exit prices, market and sector risk barometers and risk-based position sizing calculator. For select brokers, SmartStops also offers BrokerLink, the ability to quickly synchronize your SmartStops portfolio with your brokerage account and easily maintain optimized stop loss orders. By taking timely action to sidestep periods of elevated risk, you can limit losses and improve you returns. Whether you are investing for that new car, your daughter's wedding, a bigger house or your retirement, you will gain peace of mind knowing that SmartStops is watching your investments even when you cannot.

Stay current with your portfolio with SmartStops end-of-day reports
In addition to daily risk monitoring and alerts, at the end of each market day, SmartStops sends out a portfolio report listing your positions, closing prices, updated risk and reentry price triggers and calling out alerts that were triggered that day.    

Enjoy Risk Alerts with SmartStops portfolio monitoring
At SmartStops.net, our Risk Alerts provide you with key data that you need to assess your position and act decisively, whether you're an experienced trader or just beginning your stock market education. Once enrolled in our service, you'll receive an email every time a stock in your portfolio falls and triggers a risk alert indicating that the equity is experiencing a period of elevated risk, or rises and triggers a reentry alert indicating that the risk state has returned to normal. 

You can be proactive and use the updated SmartStops in the end-of-day reports to set and maintain protective stop loss orders. Or you can be reactive and use the intra-day risk alerts as a catalyst to action.

While most days you may not have to be watching your investment, when you receive a risk alert on an equity, this is a good day to look at that one. Recognize that the trading pattern is indicating a period of elevated risk. Review the fundamentals, the latest news, talk to colleagues or your investment advisor, and take action.

Selling, hedging, buying on a pull back or holding pat are all legitimate actions following a timely and informed review of the position. The goal is to be smart about the risk you take and to maximize your return for each day in the market.

Size your positions smarter with the Risk-Based Position Sizing Calculator
Consider your risk exposure when entering a position and size the position accordingly. The Position Sizing Calculator helps investors quantify the risk and demonstrates how the position size and resulting risk can be managed and adjusted using stop loss orders.

Leverage the Smartstops Market Risk Barometer in your sector rotation strategy
What percent of the healthcare index components are in an elevated risk state today? How has this ratio been trending? The Market Risk Barometer provides historical risk state metrics for the components of popular markets and sectors such as the S&P 500, Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing and Financials. Use the barometer to help you rotate out of sectors experiencing historically high risk and into ones experiencing historically low risk.

Try SmartStops portfolio monitoring today, risk free
At SmartStops.net, we offer a number service levels to fit your individual needs. 

We are so confident that our service will become an indispensable part of your investment arsenal that we offer a free 14-day trial. To sign up today, simply visit our service selection page and choose the service level that is right for you. Regardless of the service level you choose, you will not be billed until your 14-day free trial period is over and you can cancel at any time. Happy Investing!