SmartStops in Action

The risk associated with each equity fluctuates over time. The goal at is to help investors identify and sidestep periods of above normal risk to protect assets and improve returns

How could SmartStops have helped you?

Following are a few recent and historical examples and studies showing how the SmartStops risk management system helps investors improve returns.

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    Buy & Hold returned an 18.3% Loss. SmartStops returned a 9.1% Gain.

    On a $100,000 initial investment, SmartStops users earned an additional $27,382.

    SmartStops users spent significant time safely in cash reducing market risk.

    The study assumes an initial investment of $100,000 spread evenly across ten stocks purchased at the closing price on January 3, 2005 and sold on December 31, 2009. The SmartStops approach follows the SmartStops short term exit signals and assumes that upon hitting an exit trigger, a position is fully liquidated going to cash. The funds remain in cash until the equity triggers a SmartStops Reentry Alert, at which time all proceeds generated from the previous sale of the equity are reinvested in that same equity. The study does not account for potential interest earned or dividends lost during the period of time that that funds are in cash.

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“Most investors/traders don't have an exit plan, whether their positions are turning a profit or going down in flames. The truth is that a good exit will save your neck on a bad entry, and keep you in the game longer than good stock-picking.”

- Alan Farley, Practice your Exit Strategy