BrokerLink - Automating Updated Protection

Now it is easier than ever to maintain optimized daily stop loss protection on your stocks.

BrokerLink Protection provides a fast and easy way to maintain updated SmartStop powered exit protection on stocks held with participating brokers.

At the click of the mouse, BrokerLink subscribers can synchronize their SmartStops portfolios with their brokerage accounts, view all relevant SmartStops, and set automatically updated protective order requests.

For each brokerage account, BrokerLink users can create an associated SmartStop portfolio. Users can specify and save their protection order preferences for each stock in their SmartStop portfolio via the BrokerLink Order Requests table. Users select the stocks for which they would like order requests created, the number of shares to include, and the protective trigger they would like to use; Aggressive SmartStop, Conservative SmartStop or custom trigger. At the end of each market day, emails the user a list of protective order requests updated with the latest published SmartStops per their preferences. From their SmartStops account, the user can approve or modify each order request and click to have all order requests automatically sent to their broker.

Maintaining downside protection has never been easier.

BrokerLink is exclusive to TD AMERITRADE, and TradeKing account holders.

Currently, the SmartStops BrokerLink capability is available only for TD AMERITRADE, and TradeKing account holders. If you would like to use SmartStops BrokerLink with another broker, let us know and ask your broker about integrating with SmartStops.

Already a SmartStops member?

If you have a TD TD AMERITRADE, or TradeKing account, add BrokerLink to your SmartStops account and create an associated BrokerLink enabled portfolio.

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